Work Request – Notifications

To help speed up the review of your Work Request, please ensure you have provided the following information, where relevant:

  • Super Discoveries (required by YBR Head Office)
  • Insurance Discoveries (required by YBR Head Office)
  • If providing illustrations, please ensure that you have included full details of:
    • Income and Expenses;
    • Assets and Liabilities; and
    • Any assumptions you would like to include, for example, where surplus cashflow is to be allocated.
  • If you are providing advice around borrowing and purchasing properties, please include details of:
    • How the deposit is being provided, the amount being borrowed, the interest rate, repayments, whether it is Principle and Interest Repayments or Interest Only Repayments.
    • Ownership of the property, purchase price of the property, date of the purchase, rental income, assumed annual costs.
  • If replacing insurance, please ensure full details of existing policies are provided, which includes the level of cover, the premiums, stepped or level, indemnity or agreed value for Income Protection or Own or Any Occupation for TPD, super or non-super any other included options such as Trauma Reinstatement or Double TPD; and are there any exclusion or loadings (this should be covered in an Insurance Discovery).

Other General Points to Consider to make the process faster include:

  • Ensuring the Client Profile is filled out sufficiently and is clear and easy to read;
  • Have no conflicting information / figures across documents;
  • Ensure that gross income details are provided, not just net figures, and that payslips are provided if there are a range of pre or post tax deductions; and
  • Interest rates are provided for all debts where the information is relevant to the advice, such as if there is refinancing or debt reduction advice, or illustrations are required.